People who need affordable computers at home may not possess the technical requisite skill, shopping skill, or capital to purchase the most affordable computers.
This project is intended to bridge that gap.

These days, excellent used computers can be purchased for under $100 -- and sometimes as low as $50 -- if you know where to look and you know
how to buy.

For example, the PC Liquidations company, located in Jacksonville, Florida, often has Core i3 desktops - with 4 GB of memory, in the $50 to $70 price
range.  Shipping for these computers is free if you order more than $500 worth.  Community members interested in promoting digital inclusion can
play a role in making group purchases and installing Linux, the free operating system.  Linux runs very well in 4 GB of memory - and a Core i3 computer
could see as much as 3 to 5 years use (perhaps more) in the home of a recipient family or individual.

The more purchases that are made from computer refurbishing companies, the more these companies can expand the scope of their important work,
bringing even greater values to those working for greater digital inclusion. Such computers can be delivered to refugees, people seeking re-entry into
society, and others who might find themselves without access to the essential tools of the modern day.

Most Affordable Computer was started as a volunteer project in the Washington DC-area in April, 2019.  

Who is running this project, you might wonder?  My name is Phil Shapiro, and I've been doing digital inclusion work  (PDF link best viewed in Google Chrome) 
in the DC-metro area since the late 1980's. Some of the students I've helped have gone on to Harvard and Stanford. 

Here are some of the computers that might be the first batch of what I order and distribute. In the spirit of inclusion, the computers are distributed at
the same price they were ordered at.

HP 8200 Elite SFF  (16.7 pounds in weight -- not too difficult to carry around, if needed)